Strategy marketing campaign 2018/19


On this page you'll find the insight in this years marketing campaign.

Campaign concept

This years program is centred around these three sayings

  • You can't solve todays challenges with the same mindset that created them

  • You are never wrong to do the right thing

  • We're the kids your boss warned you about

Campaigns on social media

This year we'll focus on highlighting the previous Future Leaders; their achievements, tips, etc.

We have definde a set of campaings that will run the entire phase

  • Meet the team

  • I'm a Future Leader

  • I stand with the Future Leaders

  • Academic Vibes

  • Docu summer

  • Explore the city with X

  • Old footage and material

  • Program insight

  • Success stories Future Leaders

If you wan't further insight; check it out here

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